Hi I’m Natalie Enn | HR Professional, Introvert-friendly Career Coach and Proofreader

I delight in providing businesses,
of all sizes and stages, with expert, friendly HR and
Employment Law support & advice.

Human Resources

Expert, friendly HR and employment Law advice & support

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Perfecting the way you write to ensure
error-free content, which flows seamlessly.

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An outlier of sorts, I understand through experience that I can and do add massive value to any business, in a number of ways.

With 13 years of Human Resources generalist experience ranging from global businesses to Social Enterprises, I help organisations to manage their people strategy well. The effect of my advice, support or collaboration is better quality management, higher levels of e,ngagement and ultimately increased levels of performance. As a result, my Clients experience a financial and reputational advantage.

I am fervent about creating error-free text for my Clients. I help my Clients to strengthen their personal and corporate brands and write in a way that resonates with their intended audience. My Clients benefit from seamless wording which allows the reader to truly connect with their content.

I find it hugely rewarding to give back and I have a passion for supporting organisations who work towards freedom and liberty for all. Hence my support, and the support of my clients through their purchases, to the work of A21.


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