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The Introvert Life

BY: Natalie / 0 COMMENTS / CATEGORIES: Personal

The introvert life can be awkward, that’s for sure.

That is, it CAN be, not necessarily that it is. However if you’re reading this and you’re an introvert like me, I’m sure that you’ve experienced many awkward social predicaments; some laughable and that were just downright cringe-worthy.

I personally prefer to listen and observe than to speak, which may explain why I have such empathy and second-to-none listening skills, making my role as a Life Coach something I love to do.

My Mum loves to remind me that when I was younger, say between 5–7, and I had friends around to play, I would ALWAYS, usually earlier than the planned time of leaving, request “Mummy, can they go home now?” I guess that even as a child, I was worried about my friend possibly not enjoying my Company any more and I had certainly at that point stopped enjoying theirs. Who does that?? I did that……much more than once.

Essentially there will be times when us as introverts need time, of the alone kind, to refresh and recharge; for an introvert there is real power in solitude.

I also recall during the school era desperately wishing that it would rain so that during break times/recess, I would be able to remain in the classroom and not have to go out into the playground with hundreds of other screaming, shouting, racing children and stay in the safety of the classroom with a book/drawing. How does a 5 year old explain that?

Continuing on from what I referred to above in my childhood years, there is still somewhat of a theme in these current years. I laugh when I consider the times that we have friends over and, trust me I love those times of cooking and entertaining, however after a few hours of energetic convo and laughter, I’m done. Not in a rude or particularly noticeable way, I’ll still smile politely, nod in agreement and “mm-hmm” in the right places but there is a process of having phased out from the presence of the room and into my energizing solitude. Seriously, it’s like, I love you to tiny pieces but I AM DONE; clocked out a little while ago tbh. Still love you though!

Let’s not even go into the whole guilt of awkward silences or forced social situations….these can be the worst!

Also, what is not OK is the pressure placed on introverts at times to conform to the characteristics of an extrovert; much anguish was experienced by me in misguidedly attempting to do this before I really began to appreciate who I was and what I actually possessed. I managed to turn it right around and I help others to do so too. This is my specialist area of coaching.

Rounding up, self acceptance is key; this includes knowing what we are comfortable with and having a toolkit of tips that will help to manage situations of discomfort or awkwardness that we may find ourselves within. Self-acceptance first and then acceptance by others, if that even matters at all, comes way after.

Love, peace…and the love of quiet.

Natalie (From A Seed Coaching)

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