I specialise in building emotional strength, confidence and courage; the focus being on the overcoming of both physical obstacles and limiting thought processes. The above impacts on personal life, career and relationships; all of which I coach on.

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which have been overcome while trying to succeed.” – Booker T. Washington

Yes, I would like to offer you a free 15 minute consultation in order to provide you with assurance that my service is truly right for you and helps you to reach your goal(s) The Consultation will either take place either via phone or Skype and I invite you to take advantage of this consultation by contacting me on 07549 991 796 or by email at fromaseed.com@gmail.com

I am able to travel within Kent, London and Surrey. However with the benefit of the internet, I am able to coach you anywhere in the world!

You’ll be surprised. Coaching is forward thinking; it revolves around the small changes required in your thought processes, behaviour, and action, in your present, that may lead to fundamental changes within your future. We’ll look at your values, thought processes and your approach to the issue at hand. Yes an element of your past is touched upon if necessary, however the focus in on the future and ensuring that the change you require, happens. Although feelings, emotions, behaviour and actions are looked at with coaching, it is a strategic process; it is goal and action focused. We do so much more than just talk. Our sessions consist of different techniques and conversation types that will lead you to revelation and awareness.   The purpose is for me to, collaboratively with yourselves, touch upon the element(s) of your lives which are causing you frustration and work with you to overcome, achieve and move on. The ultimate goal is for you to become armed with the tools needed for you to confidently walk in your path and purpose independently, so that you’ll no longer need the assistance of a coach.

Coaching by itself is not a panacea for all of the world’s problems, however with the coachee having an open mind and the genuine desire to positively influence their future and change their now, anything is possible and collaboratively, we will break down every barrier and limitation that currently stands before you.   So, the emphasis is on a collaborative approach. I would definitely expect you to come to the sessions with an open, honest and willing heart; that’s when we can work with you most and really get to the core of the issue, taking you past it and onto great and awesome things. Remember; our sessions are collaborative, non-judgemental and encouraging, irrespective of what is discussed.   I would expect that you would experience some difference and change after the first coaching session.

Coaching can take place in a number of forms; face to face, by telephone, or by Skype. I can confidently say that each method is just as effective as the other..   My  clients are located in all areas of the world and yes, I have been known to have sessions at 7.30am, to accommodate different time zones! All in a day’s work.   By the face-to-face method, coaching can take place anywhere; in a coffee shop, in a park, in a meeting room. The only determinant is your preference.   *please note that where your preference is for the session to take place in a meeting room, room charge will be added.

You can expect an approach of empathy, appreciation of your individuality and encouragement. You can expect a collaborative relationship whereby you are provided with the space required to discover and discuss improvement required and reflect on improvement made.

You can also expect to be gently challenged on limiting thought processes, behaviours and actions where these have not served you well.

You can expect a service from a caring individual who has gained wide ranging personal experience and business expertise.

You can expect an understanding, honest, warm and completely non-judgemental style approach and if it’s what you want, together we will see great results.

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