Introvert — managing your energy levels

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When someone has identified a challenge, consciously pushed through with a plan to succeed, and overcome, there is no greater cause for respect in my eyes. As an introvert or shy person I also understand that the easiest thing to do when required to step out into discomfort is to retreat to a position of comfort [...]

Quiet/Introvert — How do we deal??

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In a previous life I was a HR professional and I am now a Personal Coach. I have an absolute affinity with introverts, the shy and quieter folk and I help these awesome humans to apply themselves in a way that results in maximum benefit, in a professional (and any other) capacity; especially where awkwardness, anxiety [...]

The Introvert Life

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The introvert life can be awkward, that’s for sure. That is, it CAN be, not necessarily that it is. However if you’re reading this and you’re an introvert like me, I’m sure that you’ve experienced many awkward social predicaments; some laughable and that were just downright cringe-worthy. I personally prefer to listen and observe than to [...]