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Life Investment

My priority is being available when YOU require Life coaching is an investment in your life; your future.

We all spend money on things that are temporal; new hairstyles, dining out, comedy shows etc and, although very much enjoyable, the feelings of joy last for only a while until we return to the normality we may consider uncomfortable but familiar; the discomfort zone.

An investment in yourself is a worthy one!

I would be delighted to provide you with a free 15 minute Consultation, which would assist you in the decision of working with me. Do call me on 07549 991 796 to arrange this, or complete the below ‘Contact Us’ form.


The Lightning Bolt session(s) 
– the action-packed session(s) that will help you to achieve that result, quickly. A quick win for when you need it. We’ll ensure that you have the optimum success in this area, or prepare you for that upcoming function, whatever the case maybe. These are also available in a purely online format if you prefer.

The Success Train, No Retreat (4 sessions)
– we’re moving into long-term change here; changes in mindset and transforming thought and behavioural thought processes into the positive for that long-term and sustained transformational change. Techniques learnt are transferable to any area of life; let’s make this work, long-term!

The Absolute Game changer package (8 sessions) 
– we are looking at the whole kit and caboodle here, the whole shebang, everything and the kitchen sink!…..OK I’m going to stop now.
– bespoke short story, pertaining to our sessions, provided after the final session.
– email contact and response via video message
– lifelong membership to the Seedlings Corner.


Public speaking events and group sessions allow me to educate, motivate and inspire many people at a time; these sessions are always super powerful.


The best time to start is now, today. Small, consistent changes can reap the biggest results. But we need to get our minds right first. We really do. Get in touch and we’ll figure this out together.


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