What I can do

I check and fix errors in your text, in the following ways:

● Accuracy – if a quotation is used, I will ensure that it is copied precisely
● I will check your work punctuation and capitalisation
● I will check your work for chapter and section titles and number sequence
● Consistency – whether you have used numerals or words
● Spelling – all spelling is checked against the dictionary

I correct your work in a way that allows you to make the final change and to be able to see that changes that have been made.

The work I check and edit is used for a variety of purposes including:
● Billboards
● Social media platforms
● Blogs
● Short stories
● Novels
● Training materials
● Assignments
● Websites
● Menus
● Marketing materials
● Newspaper and magazine columns
● Human Resources policies and procedures
● Staff handbook

Error free, perfectly punctual and grammatically correct working means everything; it’s invaluable. I am sure that at some point you have seen text that, due to containing errors, has completely changed the meaning of the sentence and has distracted your flow of concentration, or worse, has made the text nonsensical. We’ll prevent this happening with you.

I offer excellent quality and a fair price; I work to efficient deadlines and I charge £10.75 for every thousand words.

Discretion and confidentiality is assured when checking your work and my terms and conditions include a confidentiality clause, for your assurance and peace of mind.

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