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Types of Coaching

Allow yourself to just imagine….

  • Imagine a relationship where the person appreciates and encourages your uniqueness and individuality. A relationship where the person is 100% committed to you achieving your aim.
  • Imagine a relationship where you were given completely undivided attention and truthful feedback about what had been observed and heard from you in the session.
  • Imagine a relationship where through dialogue your skills and gifts are identified and you are held accountable for using them to reach your true potential.
  • Imagine a relationship whereby the journey of change is not a lonely or uncertain one, as someone is walking beside you and sharing your experiences.

You don’t need to imagine; you’re already here.

Executive Coaching
From a Seed

It can be lonely at the top. Our Corporate clients and individuals have been able to transform their performance, others' perceptions and make valuable personal and organisational changes by using our Executive Coaching service.

The most amazing part about coaching is that our conversations are exploratory and a safe space is created for you to openly discuss and work through the items that you need to.  We will look at the slight changes needed in certain areas of your approach which can assist with Leadership, credibility and management style.

Relationship Coaching
From a Seed

Relationship coaching is solutions focused; we will help you to raise awareness and find solutions to your current situation. We are sociable human being and we all desire to be loved, respected and appreciated in our relationships; this is not only our right, it’s our entitlement.   Henry Ford – “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is a success!” n.

Career Coaching
From a Seed

Whether you wish to gain that much sought after progression, retrain or change career, are returning to work after a period of absence or simply unhappy in your present role and career path, coaching can be of great benefit.

Personal Life Coaching
From a Seed

Personal life coaching achieves self initiated change; I work you and I am dedicated to your journey towards change and greater success, however you are empowered to make the decisions that are most fitting for your life and your future. We work together to discuss where you are, where you want to be 'the ideal' and we agree on strategic a plan to get you there! This includes the resources you need, time frames and finally what it will feel like to have achieved that goal/change/transformation.