What They Say

“Natalie has been a very valuable member of the team and great support to me as HD. She is highly professional, providing confident and sound advice. She is an extremely competent HR Professional and it has been a pleasure to work with her on this assignment.”

Hospital Director
Mental Health Hospital, Hayes, Bromley

“Natalie has provided me with a high quality of work. She always considers the nature of any subject matters; whether it relates to legislation, terms and conditions or Human Resources. Natalies’ attention to detail is to make sure that the context is clear and precise. I will definitely use her in the future, as the result is hugely paramount to my work.”

Property Developer

“Following the expansion of my role to include the responsibility of building and managing a credible HR department as HR Manager, I experienced increasing challenges in terms of the application of HR best practice, in practice. My Director through referral, obtained the services of From a Seed (Natalie) as a Consultant to the business and Mentor to myself.

Natalie has worked closely with me for over a year now, during which time my knowledge and understanding of HR best practice/procedure and employment law has developed significantly. Natalie works with us for at least 1 day a month in addition to a weekly HR briefing covering current challenges and oncoming changes within the business and how best to manage them in line with best Practice HR. I am now confident in the people management processes undertaken by the business and that legally compliant solutions are applied to the challenges faced.”

Debbie Jonas
HR Manager at Avondale Construction Ltd

Stand for Something

A wise man, Alex Hamilton, said “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything”

I work by a certain code of honour:

  1. I believe in only honourable exchanges; I work diligently and provide my best. I also charge an honest amount for the service offered.

  2. Whilst I’m working with you, my only focus is on completing the mission and exceeding your expectations.

  3. I place importance on my own personal growth and development. I believe that the level of service I provide, the knowledge and the expert advice I impart is determined by the extent that I develop personally. So, in order to give my you my best, I focus on self progression.

  4. I believe in positive solutions to everything; there is a positive to every negative and I will work tirelessly with you, to achieve your mission/goal, despite the challenge.